I am passionate about making great experiences that lead to increased revenue


I have established best practices for research at brands like Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds.
I excel at identifying a company's research maturity, understanding who a new team should report to, determining characteristics of the first hires, and establishing a process to integrate research into the product lifecycle.


I’m deeply committed to cross-functional collaboration.
Whether I'm asked to manage a project or create an entirely new function within an organization, I explore to see what's needed, pull together the right mix of people to work together around a common goal, and lead the project to fruition, on time and within budget. When managing, I'm skilled at identifying talent, and I empower and inspire team members towards growth while meeting the immediate needs of the organization and creating an environment where people can enjoy their jobs.


I have empowered dozens of designers, product managers, and developers to collect and use their own research insights.

I hold Master's degrees in both Human Factors/Applied Experimental Psychology and Dance. I have deep experience as an educator and am passionate about empowering people to understand their customers firsthand so they can make informed decisions. I’m on the advisory board for the Interaction Design program at Santa Monica College and have taught Design Research there.

I’m a solid member of the Los Angeles user experience research community and am frequently asked to serve as a mentor for designers running their own research at hackathons like the annual Global Service Jam

I created and taught a comprehensive course on yoga philosophy and practice and taught undergraduates for 13 years at Loyola Marymount University and several community colleges.


I was a guest on the Dollars to Donuts podcast that focuses on people who lead user experience research in their companies. My war story Driving Force is included in the Rosenfeld Media book Doorbells, Danger, and Dead Batteries.